“I do business with CS&A based on 36 years of relationships. CS&A is much more than an agency. They have provided good counsel about best practices in our industry, taught us how aviation insurance works, and helped us develop relationships with key underwriters. The CS&A team have always looked out for our best interest. It’s all about the people you do business with behind the name.”


“When the tornado wiped out my TBM 900 in Nashville in March 2020, CS&A helped resolve the claim (total loss) quickly and easily. I now have insurance through CS&A on my TBM 940 as well as my boats, cars, and homes. They work hard to find the best insurance solutions for me to cover all my needs.”


“The team at CS&A have been instrumental in building our business. Their dedication to our growth is demonstrated through their extensive research in the market to best serve our needs, continued transparency, communication, and patience as both parties work through what works best for our business model in the aviation industry. I have no doubt that they serve each and every one of their partners with the same intentional care. It has been a pleasure working with them for the past five years.”


“CS&A takes the time to know you and your business needs. Their knowledge allowed them to advocate for me with the underwriters and source a very competitive policy. The personal relationship is phenomenal. We love knowing that we can call CS&A and they will figure out a right-sized approach to our requests. No problem is too big or small.”


“The reason we choose to do business with CS&A insurance is because of the personal relationship. They listen to our needs and get back to us in a timely manner. They understand that in Aviation time is of the essence. They are focused on getting our issues resolved and help us in any way they can. We highly recommend doing business with them.”


“We have done business with CS&A for many years. We have found them to be very responsive and they work hard to meet our needs at reasonable prices. Their people will go out of their way to try to meet your every request. We have a number of clients, some with very specific needs. CS&A always tries to accommodate our special requests.”


“CS&A does a great job of helping us navigate the aviation insurance market. When we transitioned from a piston twin to the TBM, we knew the insurance market was challenging for single engine turboprops. CS&A did a great job of finding a good fit for us and was able to secure a higher liability limit than we initially anticipated.”